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John Edwards has sinned

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 8, 2008 | 7:26 pm

About two hours ago, former two-time presidential candidate John Edwards admitted he had had an extramarital affair but denied fathering a love child.

Yawn ...

I know a lot of people have been gripped by this story, which the National Enquirer was hammering home while dailies kept their news-ink dry. But, seriously, why do we care? Edwards is not going to be Barack Obama’s running mate; he is no longer a U.S. senator. He is now a private citizen, and his sin should be between he, his family and God.

Which brings me to reason I began this post. No, not to waste your time. To share this memory from the campaign trail, courtesy of the DMN religion blog, when during a CNN debate Edwards was asked the biggest sin he’d ever committed:

“Just between you and me?” he asked in jest.

“Just between you and me and the 1,300 people in the crowd,” the moderator replied.

“I’d have a very hard time telling you one thing, one specific sin,” Edwards said. “If I’ve had a day—I turn 54 years old this Sunday—and if I’ve had a day in my 54 years where I haven’t sinned multiple times, I would be amazed. I believe I have. I sin every single day. We are all sinners. We all fall short, which is why we have to ask for forgiveness from the Lord. I can’t—to try to identify one particular sin that was worse or more extreme than the others, the list is too long.”

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