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Jackie Mason says Silverman’s a ‘sick yenta’ for telling Jews to vote Obama

by Brad A. Greenberg

October 5, 2008 | 2:42 pm

Remember that video for The Great Schlep in which Sarah Silverman says Jews should stop being scared of Barack Obama and vote for the Democratic nominee for president, who is, as she informs us, “circum-supersized?” Well, Jackie Mason, a Jewish comedian from a much different era, didn’t like Silverman’s politics or her insinuation that Jews who don’t vote for Obama don’t like black people:

“You’re not a bigot and don’t let her convince ya you are,” Mason says in the above video, the fastest two-minute rant I’ve ever seen. “She’s a sick yenta for mentioning it.”

Mason says you should vote for John McCain, but not because he says so; because your conscious does. The video was produced for the Republican Jewish Coalition—they don’t like Obama—and sent to its subscribers. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks explains:

“Jackie Mason tells it like it is and there is no one else like him in the Jewish community. A central theme of this video is Mason’s outrage at the arrogance and self-importance of Sarah Silverman and her Hollywood friends for telling people whom they should vote for. In addition, Mason points out that Silverman fails to make the case for why Obama should be president. While it is our hope that people will be entertained by this video, the message is a serious one. At the end of the day, no amount of Hollywood star power will erase the fact that Barack Obama continues to have a problem in the Jewish community.”

Thanks also to the Web Guy for sending the video along. Click here to see the Silverman video that got under Mason’s skin.

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