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Israeli man claims to be victim of ‘sperm theft’

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 20, 2009 | 6:04 pm

Out of Israel comes the most usual argument you’ve ever heard in favor of abortion. A college-aged man is claiming he’s the victim of “sperm theft,” and that the “thief” should be forced to abort their drunken love child.

From The Forward:

The 21-year-old man who brought the case claimed that the 26-year-old woman carrying his baby seduced him when he was drunk, and claimed she was using birth control. He said that given these circumstances, sperm was “stolen” from him and that she should not be allowed to continue her pregnancy. He claimed that fathering a child would harm his chances of marrying in the future and harm him emotionally and financially.

The woman responded that he was aware of his actions and denied he was under the impression she was on birth control.

The judge in the Haifa family court rejected the man’s claims, saying that he had no right to make decisions regarding the defendant’s body, and that the woman’s right to continue her pregnancy is protected by law. However, he did say that the claim of “sperm theft” could be suitable for a hearing in the civil court, making it conceivable that he could bring a case demanding compensation or dispensation from giving any financial support to the child.

Sort of reminds me of that scene from “Legally Blonde.” You know, the one where Elle pipes up in her criminal law class and argues that a sperm donor had no right to see the child he contributed to.

It’s at the 5-minute mark in the above video. Here’s what Elle says:

“Well, unless the defendant attempted to contact every single one-night- stand to determine if a child resulted in those unions—then he has no parental claim whatsoever over this child. Why this sperm? Why now?

“For that matter, all masturbatory emissions where his sperm was clearly not seeking an egg could be termed reckless abandonment.”

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