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Israel terrorizes Palestinians with super rats

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 24, 2008 | 6:25 pm

Israel’s stripper assassins must have been a treat compared to the Jewish state’s new weapon against Palestinians.

See the Jew is much more insidious in his choice of weapon. Palestinian militants and martyrs make Qassam rockets or strap bombs to their chests or hijack bulldozers. Jews poison the well and engineer supernatural rats with supernatural powers and a supernatural hatred for non-Jews.

A ridiculous claim, of course, but that didn’t prevent it from being reported last week by two Palestinian Authority papers, one directly controlled by Mahmoud Abbas’ office. From Palestinian Media Watch, via Yid with Lid.

According to the PA papers, the Israeli-Jerusalem rat is:
1. Immune to rat poison;
2. Aggressive and larger than usual;
3. Unafraid of cats and able to scare them away;
4. Highly fertile—female rat gives birth to 140 babies a year, four times the normal average;
5. Highly selective—Jewish residents of Jerusalem apparently are not affected by these rats.

Israel’s goal, the libelous PA articles accuse, is “to turn the residents’ life into a living hell, forcing them to leave.” Interestingly, the articles do not mention how the rats are trained to differentiate between Jewish and Arab residents of Jerusalem.

You can’t make this stuff up. At least, I couldn’t. Does anybody think this actually helps the peace process? Then again, political expediency has never been the forte of Arabs or Israelis.

The newspaper reports are after the jump:

“...one of the most amazing things that we’ve read during this month is that [Israeli] settlers have been bringing chests filled with rats and releasing them in the Old City’s [Arab] neighborhoods; they breed and have become a major curse… the [Arab] residents’ efforts to counter this infestation have failed, especially since cats run away from these rats because of their size and ferocity… All of the conventional efforts to kill them have not succeeded, because they seem to be immune to poison and they breed in the sewers. It is known that this female rat gives birth seven times a year, each time giving birth to 20 babies; which compels Jerusalem’s [Arabs] today to face the dangers of settlement and the infestation of rats…” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, controlled by the office of Mahmoud Abbas, July 18, 2008]

“Large numbers of [Israeli] settlers have been bringing huge cages full of rats and releasing them onto the streets and alleys of the Old City [Jerusalem]...in order to turn the [Arab] residents’ life into a living hell, forcing then to leave…” [Al-Ayyam, July 17, 2008]

Creating libels against Israel is a pivotal aspect of the Palestinian Authority’s incitement to hatred against Israel and Jews. PMW reported earlier this month that the PA media were accusing Israel of conducting Nazi-like experiments on Palestinan prisoners.

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