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Iowa caucuses, Jews and Israel

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 4, 2012 | 4:56 pm

The Iowa caucuses are over and Mitt Romney edged out Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul followed them. Michele Bachmann, who was not the Jewish candidate, is done. And Newt Gingrich has moved on to New Hampshire and taking shots at Romney.

But what does it all mean for Jews and for Israel?

Shmuel Rosner has eight thoughts. Check out No. 1:

At the top spots there are now three candidates. One is much too conservatively Christian to have any chance with most of the Jewish vote (but is well liked in some hawkish Jewish circles). One is much too isolationist and much too suspicious on Israel to have any chance with the Jewish vote (but is fast becoming the darling of the imbecile wing of the Israeli left). And then there’s Mitt Romney. Hawkish enough to get the votes of Jewish hawks; Moderate enough to be considered (and in most cases rejected) by Jewish moderates that aren’t happy with Obama.

I agree completely. And if Republicans want to win over anyone not died in the wool red—not just Jews unhappy with Obama—then they really should recognize how much more viable a candidate Romney is.

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