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Iowa Caucuses: Mormons and Catholics and Methodists—oh my!

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 2, 2012 | 10:28 pm

Speaking of the Iowa Caucuses, Terry Mattingly, in a GetReligion post, pointed out how interesting the GOP candidates are from a religious perspective:

I mean, you’ve got this libertarian guy who is a hero for many pro-lifers.

You have the Mormon guy who has been trying and trying to win over his fair share of evangelical Protestants voters. Problem is, some think he’s too Mormon. Others think he isn’t Mormon enough. Sorry ‘bout that.

You have this recent convert to Catholicism who is a hero to lots of conservatives who aren’t Catholics.

You have this United Methodist guy who lots of people seem to think is a power prophecy charismatic or something.

You have this other Catholic who is so conservative, when it comes to the specifics of his Catholic faith, that some journalists keep calling him an evangelical.

As tmatt goes on to say, that is pretty fascinating stuff. I mean, there’s no Muslim or Jew or, heaven forbid, atheist in the group. But that’s probably a bit more diversity than voters are used to.

Not that it should matter. As I’ve said before: voters really shouldn’t believe politicians that make a big point about their faith. It’s just too hard to determine sincerity.

Read the rest of tmatt’s post here.

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