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Idol worship and the NFL

by Brad A. Greenberg

December 6, 2009 | 1:15 pm

Photo: ESPN.com

Though the world, and specifically my wife, mourn for Tim Tebow, yesterday was a great day in college football. Almost certainly the best of a fairly weak season.

Now, I don’t believe if football gods. But Gregg Easterbook does. And he’s thanking them for the blessing of the Saints and blaming them for the curse of Bill Belichick.

He writes for ESPN.com:

Mortal, didst thou doubt the existence of the football gods? Didst thou lack faith? A week ago, the Patriots led the Jets 31-14 with 30 seconds remaining in the game. Bill Belichick had his starters still on the field; Tom Brady threw deep to Randy Moss—Belichick was desperately trying to run up the score in order to taunt the Jets organization. The football gods exact vengeance for this sort of thing. Monday night in New Orleans, the Patriots were punished.

Dost thou doubt still? See below for a full pantheon of the football gods, by name. Defy them at your peril!

The football gods are also a creative force: They brought us the 2009 New Orleans Saints.

At which point Easterbrook drops the shtick and just analyzes why this has been a great NFL season. Read the rest here and rejoice.

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