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Hume: Buddhism OK with forgiveness, but Christianity embraces

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 8, 2010 | 8:34 pm

Responding to the flak that former Fox News anchor Brit Hume got for saying Tiger Woods needs Jesus, Hume tells Christianity Today why he had the advice for golf’s fallen star:

I certainly expected this. I’m nowhere near the first Christian to be mocked for his faith. It is simply a fact of life that the two most explosive words in the English language appear to be Jesus Christ. You don’t even need to say them if you speak openly of Christianity. Faith engenders a tremendous reaction, a lot of it positive and a lot of it negative.


I don’t think Buddhism is hostile to forgiveness or redemption, but Christianity, like no other religion we’ve ever known, is principally, and fundamentally, and especially about forgiveness and redemption. That is what Christianity is based on. That is why Christ was here. That is what he came here to achieve. On that issue, Christianity is unique.

Click here for the rest of Hume’s interview with my two-time colleague Sarah Pulliam Bailey.

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