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Help wanted: Chinese company seeks tall, white, Harvard-educated, male Jew

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 24, 2012 | 3:43 pm

Beijing. Photo by Wikipedia/Vera Buhl

Remember how excited Christians were about the book “Jewish Wisdom for Business Success”?

Well, that book won’t suffice for a Chinese company. No, they’re looking for their own tall, white, Jewish male who attended Harvard and speaks fluent Mandarin. An excerpt of the job-posting email received by a writer for the Foreign Policy blog:

The first requirement of the job is that you must be an advanced Mandarin Chinese speaker, since the meetings will all be with Chinese people. Also men only, no females. The other requirement is that you must have some sort of background that Chinese people typically value. My contact is (deleted) and is slightly obsessed with Jewish people and thinks they are the smartest, so he naturally prefers this person to be Jewish. If he can’t get someone Jewish, he would also like someone who went to a famous university—Harvard, Yale, etc. Besides those 2 qualifications, I’m sure he’d be happy with someone who has some sort of connection to someone famous or important, or maybe someone who is really tall and handsome. Basically any characteristic that Chinese people are impressed by - he is looking for in this person.

Who knew the Chinese were obsessed with Jews? In fact, I thought China was obsessed with Hitler. Sounds like this is all just about money-making stereotypes. A little background on that here and here.

The email also said they’re looking to hire someone with a “‘white face’ to give some more credibility to the project.” Yowza.

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