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Heeb, Hitler and Roseanne Barr

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 4, 2009 | 10:35 am

Roseanne Barr as Hitler

Heeb magazine has never been known for it’s kosher advertisements and photo spreads. From Jonah Hill holding a bagel and a tube of lube to the Heeb swimsuit issue to the photo issue to a subscription card with a picture of Ariel Sharon that explained they’re still not dead—Heeb has never been afraid of offending more than just the alter kakers.

But ... wow. Roseanne Barr with a Hitler mustache, pulling some charred gingerbread men out of the oven—that’s really pushing it.

Extra TV did a segment on the cover last week calling it “not funny” and shaming the controversial choice. But Heeb publisher Josh Neuman defended it, saying the cover was meant as “satire” and not done for “shock value.“

OK, you mean to tell me putting a Jewish woman on the cover of a Jewish magazine costumed as the man who burnt Jews in ovens (while she burns things in ovens) has no shock value? Since we’re being a wee bit insensitive to the remaining Holocaust survivors and their children, let’s at least call a spade a spade here, folks.

But if you’re mad, don’t blame Heeb. It was Roseanne who wanted to be photographed as Hitler. According to the magazine, she has a theory “that she may in fact be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler,“ and thus requested to create a kind of Jewish Halloween nightmare in order to make a personal statement

Much more from Hollywood Jew, including what it’s like to meet Hitler—I mean, Roseanne—here.

Over at the Heeb blog, they’ve got a response from Roseanne, whose “tired of being misunderstood.” It goes a little something like this:

Hitler thought he was being really manly “cleaning Germany up” by burning people in ovens. I was making fun of him, not his victims. My caricature of him very aptly imitates the “man with a godly mission” pose that he struck in all the early photographs taken of him. I portray him being very proud of his burnt cookies, because in his last words, he was proudly congratulating himself for killing so many Jews, and encouraged the German people to carry on his mission against the “International Jew.” The guy actually thought that killing jews was a good thing!

Wow! I had no idea you were being ironic! Thanks for the history lesson, Roseanne.

Here’s my advice: Stick to what you’re not good at—comedy.

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