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Has Mike Huckabee lost his way?

by Brad A. Greenberg

October 7, 2008 | 8:02 pm

I just came across two blog posts that suggest

Church Norris

Mike Huckabee is no longer the populist proponent of a new evangelical dialogue.

When campaigning in the Republican primary, Huck definitely went overboard in promoting himself as Jesus’ pick for president and in saying that we need to “change the Constitution” for God. But he also added poverty, education and the environment to his agenda. There was hope this was joining the chorus of diversity on the evangelical political spectrum.

Now, though, Mark Silk writes that now Huckabee, who got a show on Fox News (I wouldn’t know), is rallying soldiers in war against the bailout, and Dan Gilgoff of God-o-Meter reports that Huck has returned to the red-meat Republican issues:

That big-tent Huck seems to be in much shorter supply now. An email the Arkansas governor just sent out soliciting donations for his political action committee—whose beneficiaries include John McCain and Sarah Palin—asks fors $5 for each of these five red meat issues:

1. Protection of Human Life 2. Traditional Marriage 3. Tax policy that doesn’t punish people for working, but rewards them 4. 2nd amendment rights 5. Supreme Court and Federal Court judge selection

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