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Goodbye to GetReligion

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 6, 2011 | 7:39 pm

Almost since I started this blog in March 2007, I have claimed as a motto: “There is no god blog but The God Blog.”

Yet for the past two years I have served two masters. (No, I’m not including law school in that.) I also was a regular contributor to GetReligion, which is a blog about how the media covers religion. That’s different than a blog about religion or religion reporting, so I always felt that I was able to keep the different aspects of my journalistic product separate: the religion blogger, the religion reporter, the blogger about religion reporting.

Alas, as I prepare for my third year of law school, I realized I could no longer give both blogs and my legal education all the time they deserved. (I think something about my wife belongs in that sentence too.) So Monday I wrote my final post for GetReligion.

An excerpt of what it was like writing about the media instead of writing for it:

The emphasis became not only what did the reporter do right, but what did he or she do wrong; not just the details that were included but those that were omitted. The process of identifying these holes seriously challenged me to think about how I, as a religion reporter, approached similar stories.

Sometimes my advice back to the reporter through this forum would be couched with the disclaimer: Do as I say, not as I now realize I wrongly did in the past.

Read the rest here. Better yet, become a regular reader of GetReligion.

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