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God’s Blog #1: An introduction

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 27, 2008 | 1:24 am

I’ve lived a long life. Longer than anyone can remember. So long, no one knows where I came from. And during that time, I’ve been called a lot of names: Abba, Adonai, Ancient of Days, the Almighty, and many more than don’t begin with an “A.”

Who am I? I Am who I Am. The Creator, quite simply, but you can call me God (or G-D, if it makes you more comfortable).

And I’ve decided to share with you the Lord’s wisdom on the vagaries and mysteries of life. Yes, the Bible already provides a manual for holy living, page after page of instruction and encouragement, failure and redemption. But how much has it really taught you about your God? A lot? Really?

Quick: What’s my favorite sports team? And what do I think about evolution or about the American presidential race?

You’re not sure, and I am going to solve that.

I am of the opinion, which means it is true, that there are already far too many self-indulgent memoirs on the market. My blog will not add to that “literature,” though it will occasionally offer reflections on times past. (If you are looking for a good biography of the Holy of Holies, pick up Jack Miles’ book.) Here, and also here, you’ll discover Jehovah’s thoughts on a host of topics, from sports and science to politics and pain, from false religions to religious intolerance.

All of this will be channeled by my servant, the mildly conceited one who thought it would be humorous to call himself a lesser “creator.” This is his reward, and he’s been known to be lame, so let the Lord know how His ghostwriter is doing. The comments are open.


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