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‘Gingerly, Romney Seeks Ties to Christian Right’

by Brad A. Greenberg

October 16, 2007 | 3:10 am

Tell me something I didn’t know already. Re-reportage from the NY Times:

He has invoked the Rev. Rick Warren, a popular evangelical author and megachurch pastor. He has quoted Scripture and alluded to the Gideon Bible as favorite late-night reading. And he has cited his belief in Jesus Christ as his personal “savior.”

As Mitt Romney has had to grapple with suspicions about his Mormon religion during his presidential run, he has tried in various ways to signal his kinship with evangelical Christians, who represent a crucial constituency of the Republican base but consider his religious beliefs to be heretical.

He faces a delicate task in trying to stake out common ground with conservative Christians, while not running afoul of deeply rooted evangelical sensitivities about any blurring of distinctions between Mormonism and conventional Protestantism.

Romney’s got a date Friday with the Values Voter Summit (because everyone else votes for things they don’t value). His aids still aren’t sure if he’ll directly address his religious beliefs then. Polls continue to show many Americans would not vote for a Mormon president, no matter how qualified they may be.

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