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Enter the Daringly Awkward Sermon Contest

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 26, 2009 | 3:13 pm

Geez magazine, which has the motto “holy mischief in an age of fast faith,” has started the Daringly Awkward Sermon Contest. The details, via the Dallas Morning News religion blog, are confusing, but it appears you don’t actually need your own pulpit to enter this contest. Geez is offering its pulpit and $400 to the three sermons that make them squirm:

“The world needs bold voices of spiritual depth,” says Geez publisher Aiden Enns. “But maybe the message can have an element of holy mischief, a smirk instead of a furrowed brow, and, at the same time, more connection to the pressing issues of the day.”

The Daringly Awkward Sermon Contest invites entries that explore the aspects of social change that make us squirm, things like privilege, right-wing relatives, the drunk stranger in the back pew, guilt feelings, or litter in the poor part of town. Constructing a more fair and compassionate world involves awkward people, pauses and topics, and we want to find the wisdom in the awkwardness.

The Geez pulpit is set up and waiting for activists, anarchists, atheists and good old fashioned Christians to step up and confront or comfort, pontificate or confess, urge or encourage.

The top three sermons will receive $400 each. The winners plus a selection of other entries will be published in the Spring 2009 issue of Geez. Deadline for entries is February 28, 2009. Word limit is 800.

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