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Dr. Laura leaves radio after n-bomb outburst

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 18, 2010 | 10:10 am

Was it something I said? No, I think it was something Dr. Laura said. Try the n-word 11 times in a few minutes.

After however many years she was on the radio, Laura Schlessinger told Larry King she is leaving radio, via the LA Times:

“I want my 1st Amendment rights back, which I can’t have on radio without the threat of attack on my advertisers and stations,” Schlessinger said.

She emphasized that she is not retiring. “I will be stronger and freer to say my mind through my books, my YouTube Channel, my blog and my website,” she said.

I know she had “apologized,” but when I offer that kind of apology to my wife, she usually responds with a “You’re not really sorry. If you were, you wouldn’t sound like you’re not.”

Kevin Roderick found the First Amendment attempt so laughable that, in fact, he was LOLing—in the headline, no less.

Of course, Dr. Laura’s whole announcement happened on “Larry King Live,” itself a laughable journalism production whose namesake is humanely ending his indulgent show after 25 years.

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