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Don’t touch that dial—you’ll miss Jesus

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 22, 2007 | 6:49 pm

Did you hear Jesus Christ on the radio this morning. I swear, on 640 KFI, “morrrrrrrre stimulating talk radio,” as they say.

Now, of course, this voice wasn’t that Jesus. It was KFI Jesus—also known as Neil Saavedra, who is not the redeemer of man but pretends to speak as him every Sunday from 6 a.m to 9. Here’s part of the profile I wrote about Saavedra last December.

Listeners heed his wisdom; some consider it divinely inspired.

“Oh, Jesus?” Pete Moyes, 54, of Murrieta said after waiting on hold for about an hour. “Question - I really appreciate you taking my call - how can I be assured of my salvation?”

“OK, what’s your concern?” KFI Jesus asked.

“Well, people that know me, and I’ve known you for 30 some-odd years and I know that you are going to perfect whatever work I start, but I would think that after 30 years, I would get rid of some of these character defects, things that I do that I know I have to apologize for,” Moyes said. “Why is my brain still thinking that way?”

“Well,” KFI Jesus responded, “Scripture says it via (the Apostle) Paul very well: `The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.’ ... The benefit is that it’s paid for: It’s taken care of by the blood of the cross. ... You hit it on the head when you called, and that is that I will finish the work and the perfection I started in you. That comes from me and not you.”

I was curious then about what people thought of Saavedra’s shtick. But I didn’t have a blog, so I’ve resurrected this story to ask you the question: Is this blasphemous?

(Image: Podsafe)

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