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Don Miller and Barack Obama exchange emails

by Brad A. Greenberg

August 28, 2008 | 5:51 pm

Donald Miller, the “Blue Like Jazz” author who replaced Cameron Strang in the youngish, hip evangelical prayer slot at the Democrat National Convention, has on his new blog a funny “exchange” of e-mails between he and Barack Obama. It reminds me of when you have problems with your MySpace account and you send an e-mail and you get back an automated response to which you send a more specific e-mail and to which you get the same automated response.

The last message from team Obama is definitely the best. It’s after the jump:

Donald –

As you may have heard, 10 supporters will be joining me backstage before I accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The people who make up our movement are of all different ages, races, and backgrounds — and these folks are no different.

They each bring their own unique perspectives and experience, and they are united by their hunger for change.

If you cannot make it to Denver, you can get together with your friends and family and watch my acceptance speech at a Convention Watch Party.

Thank you for your belief in our ability to bring real change to this country. You continue to grow and strengthen our movement in ways no one thought possible.



Cool about the other guys. Are they fraternity guys? It’s just not my crowd, that’s all. But no big deal.

I can make it to Denver. I told Michelle but she hasn’t e-mailed back. Kitty said my rehearsal would be on Sunday and I could use the teleprompter. Do they control the text from the sound-booth or can you scroll up and down with a button of your own? Have you ever looked through the teleprompter and got eye-locked with somebody and messed up?

Are the other guys giving a prayer, too?

It’s really cool you guys invited me to come. It’s an honor, to be honest. I think it’s great that you pray. I pray too. Tell Michelle I say hello. See you soon.



P.S. Can you get Hannah Montana tickets? They aren’t for me, they’re for my niece. I told her I would ask.

Hat tip to Rhett Smith, who earlier today posted this pre-benediction CT interview with Miller.

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