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Democrats for Israel at AIPAC

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 4, 2009 | 4:57 pm

Last January, I watched Larry Greenfield, then head of the California chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and Andrew Lachman, president of L.A.-based Democrats for Israel, spar over the presidential candidates in townhall forums. Now Greenfield, who has left the RJC, is blogging for The Journal from the AIPAC policy conference and Lachman is getting interviewed by the JTA news crew.

You can watch Lachman in the above video. Here’s a snippet of what Greenfield had to say:

Obama is at best neutral between our democratic ally Israel and her Arab enemies.

He is inexperienced and “off the charts” radical in his approach to the true nature of freedom’s enemies.

Barack Obama is the anti-Ronald Reagan.  Mr. Obama is unrealistic about a dangerous world, and without deep convictions and principles to guide him.

So, here I am again, helping to leverage a successful pro-Israel community to help the United States remain strong as well. One cannot be pro-Israel without coming to understand that America needs to be strong and successful.  Obama has us going in exactly the wrong direction on national security issues.

We overcame Jimmy Carter.  We shall overcome Barack Obama as well.  We had better, because the missile threats are a unique marrying together of terror states and proxy stateless terror groups with modern technology.

It’s amazing how differently Lachman and Greenfield see the same situation.

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