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David Irving makes NY appearance, attacks Jews and defends Hitler

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 27, 2008 | 5:34 pm

David Irving, the Holocaust-denying historian for whom Kevin MacDonald testified in 2000, made an appearance in New York last week as part of a U.S. tour. Irving was oddly hosted by a Catholic church, which said it was tricked into believing the organization reserving space was simply a book club. Max Blumenthal, who you might remember as the thorn in the Rev. John Hagee’s side, was there and produced the above video based on an exclusive interview with Irving. A few choice comments from the infamous historian:

“The word ‘Holocaust’ is odious. It’s American commercialism at its worst.”

“I think the Jews have to ask themselves why is it that every time they arrive somewhere as pitiful refugees in a country after a few years they have to move on… They don’t ask themselves what they could do to change the way that they are disliked.”

“Adolph Hitler was being kept out of the loop and was probably not at all anti-Semitic by the time the war began.”

“Hitler wanted a little war, but it got out of hand.”

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