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Craig X, pot pastor, candidate for LA mayor

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 25, 2008 | 2:22 am

Two years ago, Craig X Rubin started a unique church where pot was used to communicate prayers to God. Temple 420 (still around) was odd and unorthodox—mixing Christians and Jews and claiming that cannabis was the Tree of Life—and it landed Rubin in court. He avoided jail, and this month re-appeared on The God Blog. Today, Rubin sent me a note announcing his candidacy for mayor of Los Angeles.

I believe Rubin has filed with the clerk’s office; here’s his campaign website.

Previously, Rubin told me he was a Reagan Republican, albeit one who opposes the war on drugs. His mayoral campaign platform consists of building a water desalination plant in the Pacific; bringing back the car manufacturing and aerospace companies that left in the early ‘90s; and getting the feds off California’s back (namely when it comes to their intermittent raids and harassment of medical marijuana facilities).

Craig X will officially announce his candidacy at the LA Press Club on Monday evening, an hour before the end of the Jewish year. He said that’s not coincidental.

“This is the Day of Judgment in my culture and at this time in the history of the City of Los Angeles,” Rubin said in a statement. “Working together we can make the City of Angels a heavenly place to live.”

No wonder L.A.‘s current mayor is in San Antonio seeking re-election cash. Look out, Antonio.

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