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Cop killer believed Jews control the world

by Brad A. Greenberg

April 7, 2009 | 4:36 pm

Richard Poplowski

It’s easy to call cop-killer Richard Poplowski an extremist. Just how much of a nut was Poplowski, who on Saturday killed three in Pittsburgh? Salon has some answers. It wasn’t too hard to find them: Poplowski disseminated his racism and hatred online. Shocker: It turns out he wasn’t too found of Jews.

JTA has this:

Poplowski wrote that the “the federal government, mainstream media, and banking system in these United States are strongly under the influence of—if not completely controlled by—Zionist interest. An economic collapse of the financial system is inevitable, bringing with it some degree of civil unrest if not outright balkanization of the continental US, civil/revolutionary/racial war . . . This collapse is likely engineered by the elite Jewish powers that be in order to make for a power and asset grab.”

Poplawski, according to the ADL report, hoped that the “evil Zionists” and “greedy traitorous goyim” might have lost control and created “an unstoppable tidal wave of global backlash” that would “breathe much needed life into our movement.”  However, he feared that instead there might be a “slow, drawn out national demise” that would “allow the masses to remain asleep while the power at the top is consolidated.”

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