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Converting Jews to Christianity and voting for Gingrich

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 30, 2012 | 4:52 pm

The connection between converting Jews and voting for Newt Gingrich is obvious, nu?

I’m on the road right now, but had to share this incredibly awkward news from Newt Gingrich’s final push in Florida. Yesterday the GOP presidential candidate Calista joined thousands of evangelical pastors at a conference at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

From Yahoo! News:

Inside, the topic of the evening discussion, led by Joel Rosenberg, a novelist who writes about Islamic terrorism, focused partially on how to convert Jews to the faith.

“As a Jewish person,” Rosenberg, who was raised by a Jewish father and a Gentile mother, “our people really didn’t get it the first time Jesus came.”

He urged the audience not to be bashful, and to act quickly in case the End Times were nigh. “I know you know Jewish people,” he told them. “You have an accountant, you have a lawyer…”

Gingrich, perched in the back, waited patiently to be introduced to the nationwide audience of pastors. When Rosenberg finished his talk, a pastor announced to the crowd that the presidential candidate was in attendance.

Gingrich and Callista stood up, waved, and received a standing ovation.  The duo rushed out the back door immediately once the applause died down, and sped off to Mass.

You know, some of my best friends (and favorite relatives) are accountants and lawyers.

Just imagine if that had been Sarah Palin’s story. I’m not sure how many Florida Jews were thinking about voting Gingrich, but he probably needs to jump on this grenade before, say, 8 am tomorrow morning.

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