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College group has Bibles-for-porn program

by Brad A. Greenberg

March 16, 2010 | 10:35 am

A student group at the University of Texas, San Antonio did the opposite of handing out free Bibles at a porn convention. Well, they didn’t actually hand out porn at a Bible convention but ...

In the lobby of the University of Texas at San Antonio’s humanities building, a hand-drawn poster announces, “Free porn: Just trade in your holy books (Bible, Koran, Vedas) for porn.”

A student group at the university called The Atheist Agenda is reviving its Bibles-for-porn program, called “Smut for Smut,” for three days beginning March 1, according to a report from San Antonio’s KENS-TV.

“The idea is that religious texts are so appalling,” said Atheist Agenda group member Brian Talker in a 2006 interview with UTSA student publication The Independent. “They are so full of genocide, misogyny and ludicrous ideas that far overshadow any banal common-sense platitudes like loving thy neighbor, that you are better off having porn, which isn’t nearly as smutty.”

A current member of the group told KENS the program is also meant as a slap against religious leaders and the “hypocrisy” of their condemnations of pornography.

“They’ve been going and rallying against pornography for the longest time,” the unidentified student said, “and the disgusting, depraved acts that are within the Bible, Koran and Vedas completely outnumber any [faults] of any pornographic image.”

There is a lot more here from the WorldNetDaily. Maybe this was the logical leap missing from that “Mideast peace through porn” editorial in the Los Angeles Times a few years ago.

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