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Christian publishing CEO fires 25 in response to irritating email

by Brad A. Greenberg

June 13, 2012 | 12:01 am

Here is some absolutely bizarre news about the CEO of a Christian publisher going absolutely bananas over an anonymous email that complained about work being outsourced and then firing 25 employees in an apparent bloodletting. Romenesko has the full details, including the offending email and the audio recording of Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate unloading. Here’s a snippet:

Tate, who was unaware that his talk was being recorded, told his employees that “I’ve probably failed you in that I’ve been a little too lenient and a little too on the side of mercy and grace and not enough justice.”


He said that if the person who sent the email about the company outsourcing jobs “comes forward now, you will not save these 25 people” because “what’s done is done.” He added: “It’s over. You’ve missed your chances and I gave you multiple.”

He told the fired employees: “If I was you, I’d get on a mission to find who cost you your job. …There’s going to be a lot of innocent, good hard-working people pay a big price for this. I hate that. It tears me up, and I’ve shed a lot of tears over this. But I will not stand for it.”

A while back I wrote an article for Christianity Today about Christians in business. In short, Christians are called to a different standard at work. A higher standard to is based on biblical principles, not always business sense.

Even though Tate couches some of his comments in ministerial language, his reaction appears to have missed that mark by a mile; I don’t even think the apparently vindictive firings would be acceptable in a kiss-up-kick-down business setting. They seem mean, rash and not in the best interests of the business.

Then again, it’s his name on the building, so to speak, so I guess he gets to make the call.

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