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Brawl breaks out at Nevada political forum

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 27, 2010 | 10:13 pm


If you needed a reminder that politics make people crazy, look no further than this story about a fight that broke out at a forum hosted by Christian groups. Speaking at the forum were Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle and a prerecorded video of Harry Reid.

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

The audience, seemingly split in their loyalties, drowned out both candidates with competing jeers and applause. Pleas for decorum by organizers were ignored.

The video-version of Reid remained unfazed as audience members hissed at him and mocked his claim that “in three years, everyone will have health insurance like I do.”

But Angle looked nervous and flustered by the rowdy crowd. She stumbled on her words and looked down at the stage. Still, she smiled through the awkwardness.

A few funny quotes follow from people surprised that security had been hired and purses were being checked for weapons and campaign posters. This at Faith Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School in Las Vegas. But the Christian organizers of this event are never identified, so I’m wondering whether we’re talking about Christians advocacy groups, Christian community groups or just groups of people who happen to be Christian.

As for the “scuffle,” there is only one, fairly nondescript mention. It appears, though, that any details the reporter could have conveyed were captured by this photo, which shows an elderly man’s right hook connecting with what appears to be a woman’s left cheek. No joke—and no word on whether she turned and offered up the other.

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