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“Boom, let’s go to Twitter Board”

by Brad A. Greenberg

March 3, 2009 | 1:26 pm

You’ve probably heard that you can find everyone from Barack Obama to God to Shaq to me on Twitter. By know you likely know how micro-blogging works. But it’s understandable if you still don’t get what all the buzz is about. Not surprisingly, cable news knows no restraint and is making too much of the Twitter revolution; today’s Los Angeles Times does too with two stories.

In the above video, Jon Stewart takes them on.

Favorite line comes from Samantha Bee: “I’m also on Grunter. Because some of my followers don’t have time to read my tweets. Because they’re writing their own tweets.”

She’s right. I have noticed a real weakening of the social value of followers on Twitter since it’s usage became common currency. Several times a day, I get followed by people who follow and are followed by several thousand people. If I don’t follow them back, they unfollow me, only to show up a few days later hoping that this time I’ll follow them back. These twits aren’t interested in communicating, only in collecting targets for their sophisticated spamming.

By the way, you should really follow me on Twitter.

It’s like Ponyboy said: “Nothing gold can stay.”

(Hat tip: Bruce Tomaso)

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