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Beware the candidate supported by ‘Jewish money’

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 29, 2010 | 9:06 pm

And you thought Tommy Thompson made a mistake on the campaign trail when he talked about Jews and money. That was an honest, albeit ignorant, mistake. This is straight shocking:

Mike Grimm, a G.O.P challenger for Mike McMahon’s Congressional seat, took in over $200,000 in his last filing.

But in an effort to show that Grimm lacks support among voters in the district, which covers Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, the McMahon campaign compiled a list of Jewish donors to Grimm and provided it to The Politicker.

The file, labeled “Grimm Jewish Money Q2,” for the second quarter fundraising period, shows a list of over 80 names, a half-dozen of which in fact do hail from Staten Island, and a handful of others that list Brooklyn as home.

“Where is Grimm’s money coming from,” said Jennifer Nelson, McMahon’s campaign spokeman. “There is a lot of Jewish money, a lot of money from people in Florida and Manhattan, retirees.”

That’s right: Beware of Grimm and his ZOG sympathies. And this guy McMahon is a congressman? Some some bumpkin councilman? Sheesh.

I get the concern that the money is coming from outside of the congressional district. But what does it matter that it’s come from Jews who live in Manhattan or have retired away in Florida?

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