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Back in action

by Brad A. Greenberg

May 18, 2009 | 1:17 pm

It’s Monday morning, and I’m back in the saddle after a long weekend in Las Vegas. Sorry for the concurrent silence from The God Blog. I can assure you it was for a good cause.

Once a year, my college roommates and I—all Christians—reunite in Sin City. It’s a risky move, what with all the common Christian beliefs about gambling, which is why I had God cover for me on His blog last summer. The Almighty wrote:

Show Me one place in My holy book where I forbid gambling. (Also not in the Bible, promises that if you give your SS check to a televangelist, I will reward you with a new Cadillac.) My ministers will say you should be a good steward of what you’re given and should not attempt to get rich quick or fall in love money. And these words of wisdom are very true. Compulsive gambling, pseudo-professional gambling, these are behaviors I can’t approve. But gambling as affordable entertainment—to rip the industry’s motto—that’s something I would, er, bet on.

Overall, it was a successful trip, which means I made it home and with a few bucks in my pocket. In fact, I was up a little. But like one of the guys in the above news clip, I had wanted the gold.

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