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Arkansas church to hold Easter service in bar

by Brad A. Greenberg

April 8, 2009 | 5:27 pm

Oh heavens no. An Arkansas church plans to hold Easter service Sunday in a Little Rock bar known as The Rev Room. Here’s the story from the AP:

A new Little Rock church called The River will hold both of its Easter services at The Rev Room, a bar and nightclub in the city’s River Market.

Pastor Shane Montgomery told KLRT-TV that it’s an effort to attract a new audience to his nondenominational ministry.

However, bar employees say it’s not yet clear if their liquor license will allow them to serve beer and booze during a Sunday morning service.

Ya know, this really isn’t news, or at least not a first. Examples are endless. I immediately think of Erwin McManus’ Mosaic church, which for years met in a downtown Los Angeles nightclub. As Ted Olsen of Christianity Today quipped:

“What will they think of next? Churches in movie theaters? Cord-less telephones?”

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