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Arab-American paper: Stop ‘Jewish Nazism’

by Brad A. Greenberg

January 2, 2009 | 12:59 pm

Classic propaganda

My Google Reader is set up to grab anything from Google News that includes “Jews” and “Los Angeles,” which is how I got to reading an op-ed in the Arab-American newspaper Watan. A real gem of journalism, the piece is titled “World must say ‘No’ to Jewish Nazism before it is too late” and says “Nazi and Israeli political and military leadership are nearly identical.”

The writer’s argument continues thus:

Today, Israel is decapitating Gaza while claiming that it is only fighting Hamas.  The Israeli air force is targeting and destroying schools, mosques, private homes, charities, public buildings, drug stores, colleges and universities, all under the false pretext of fighting Hamas.

This is not a war against Hamas. It is a war against the Palestinian people as is obvious from the fact that the bulk of the victims are innocent civilians.

And like all criminals, Israel is resorting to the fabrication of lies and half-truths to justify its genocidal blitz against an essentially unprotected people.

Many, probably most Jews in Israel and around the world, are bragging about the “heroic” Israeli army and its “achievements” against Hamas. Some Jews have described the slaughter as the “best Hanukah present ever.”

Some Jews have described the slaughter—and people actually believe this treyf?

As good an excuse as any, I guess.

What is happening in Gaza, for the peaceful civilians of Gaza, is a true tragedy. They are the pawns of the Arab world, and right now they are being sacrificed. I don’t agree with Israel’s tactics, and I’d like to see a peaceful resolution, um, immediately.

But firing a rocket—or in Hamas’ case firing thousands of rockets—at your neighbor is an act of war. A response from Israel was warranted. The unclear question is what response?

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