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Anti-Semitic Patriot Dames

by Brad A. Greenberg

September 25, 2007 | 1:31 am

Sometimes, the best blog posts I could write are those I don’t because I keep waiting for the perfect moment when all my thoughts and the clutter on my desk will be aligned. Because that never happens, some of these stories fall by the wayside, which is what happened with the Patriot Dames.

These two Ohio sisters have a Web site where they like to propagate bigotry, and last month one of the sisters, Susan Purtee, got in trouble with her employer, the Columbus Police Department. It turned out city officials didn’t think it was appropriate for their employees to be attacking blacks and blaming Jews for the world’s problems. (Of course, the ADL agreed.)

There video ranting against Jews has been taken down from YouTube, which is too bad because it’s really a hoot. You can still see it at their Web site: Just click on the “download” button and then click on “Jews.” Here’s a sampling of what they say:

“We are going to investigate to see if the Jews are the problem in the United States, as they were in other countries. So if your feelings are going to get hurt, it’s best not to watch.”

The sisters than praise Sen. Joseph McCarthy as the greatest American from the 20th Century. They blame immoral Jews for the “filth” in the media that “pollutes” Americans.

“They started to tell us, the Gentiles, how to live. Because if we lived that way they would make a lot of money. ... It’s all about money.”

Not all Jews. Just those who follow Torah.

“We’re not talking about the Jews that live like normal regular people. But as long as you are a Jew, you have that thinking that everybody else is beneath you. ... We are nothing. We are dirt. We are people they can suck off of, the Gentiles. ... Mel Gibson was right. The fact this man can say what was on his mind, whether he was drunk or was straight. ... The Jews cause problems.”

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