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‘Anti-Semitic Elmo’ in NYC, anti-Semitic animals on Arab TV

by Brad A. Greenberg

June 30, 2012 | 6:37 pm

In case you missed it, Elmo—actually a guy dressed as Elmo—went on a big anti-Semitic rant in New York this week. “Anti-Semitic Elmo,” as he has become known, kept referring to Henry Ford’s tract about a Jewish world conspiracy, “The International Jew,” and said things like: “If you start your own business in this town, Jews will harass you.”

According to Opposing Views, “Police had to restrain the lovable but racist Sesame Street character in the vicinity of the Central Park Zoo during one of his more vicious tirades.” They then removed him from his suit and transported him to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

The incident got 6 Degrees No Bacon thinking about the history of anti-Semitic giant cuddly TV characters. At the top of his list is Farfur, Hamas’ rip-off of Mickey Mouse that was used in kids’ programming propaganda. Farfur ranted against Israel and then was made a martyr when he was killed by an Israeli agent. (As we know, Israeli agents prefer super rats to mice.)

The other four are Nahoul the Bee, Assoud the Rabbit, Nassur the Bear, and Mr. Sa’d the Bunny. Check out the video clips here.

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