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Angry Christmas tweets from those who didn’t get an iPhone or iPad

by Brad A. Greenberg

December 29, 2011 | 12:45 pm

I’ve heard of being disappointed with Christmas—I’m sure most Mavericks and Bears fans were this year. But some of the tweets from ungrateful kids who didn’t get that iPhone or iPad that they wanted are so appalling that I feel like I turned into an old man reading them.

If you thought that the disappointed kids who got a terrible early Christmas present at the direction of Jimmy Kimmel were upset—and some of them threw pretty amazing tantrums (see above video)—you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Gawker explains and provides a telling infographic:

Something Awful’s Jon Hendren, aka @fart, retweeted some of the most egregious examples of gift rage that bubbled up around Dec. 24 and 25th. We’ve compiled the most outrageous examples of Hendren’s outrageous examples in the graphic above (click to enlarge), or you can watch this two-minute music video version (with original music!). Most of the complaints are about iPads, iPhones, cars, and iPods - not getting them as gifts, getting them in the wrong color or version, etc.

Here’s one example:

F*** THIS BLACK IPAD I asked for white

And another:

F*** you santa. I wanted an F***ing IPHONE

And don’t forget:

My mom thinks its funny that I’m yelling at her that she didn’t get me an iphone….f*** you.

Most Americans still get the message of Christmas? Maybe not.

The reactions to these tweets, say to that of @seanmcmaster1 (who claims he was joking), have been just as unbelievable. No wonder Christopher Hitchens was so mad about the true spirit of Christmas.

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