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Alcohol never acceptable for Mormons?

by Brad A. Greenberg

October 31, 2010 | 10:45 pm

Frank Lockwood, the Bible Belt Blogger, recently wrote about a study showing that those who consumer alcohol tend to live longer than teetotalers. (Better tell my parents.) And Lockwood pointed out that the Bible has no problem with drinking in moderation.

In response, Lockwood received a note from a Mormon that warned against drinking alcohol. Ever.

Here is a snippet:

I have been aware for years that scientific studies show that a small quantity of alcohol may have some beneficial effects on the body. Also, be aware that before our access to clean drinking water that we have today, that it was more safe to drink wine than unpurified water in many areas of the world. The danger of contaminants was decreased by the alcohol content of wine. There are some who say that table wine of that day was not all that high in alcohol content for daily use, but I don’t claim to know.

An antipathous of the above counsel in the Old Testament could be the strict avoidance of pork in biblical times before we learned about how to treat pork to avoid trichinosis. It is not such a big deal today, physiologically speaking.

I wonder if new scripture were written today, with the ease and access to alcohol (and illegal drugs), would there be more restraint offered by a loving God in Heaven?

However, that being said, it does not take long to count up the avalanche of reasons why a person would be advised not to take one sip of alcohol, ever.

Read those reasons here. I think I could guess how this feller would feel about a study claiming masturbation cuts cancer risks.

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