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Actress Lindsay Lohan Needs Jesus

by Brad A. Greenberg

July 27, 2007 | 10:11 am

That was the subject of an e-mail I received this morning that informed me—thanks, Bostick Communications!—“Christian prison minister Marty Angelo approache(d) actress Lindsay Lohan with offer of faith-based treatment program plan.”

In attempt to help another troubled celebrity, prison minister Marty Angelo has reached out to actress Lindsay Lohan.

Angelo recently tried unsuccessfully to convince socialite Paris Hilton’s sentencing judge, Michael Sauer to let him serve Hilton’s jail time if the judge would send her to a residential treatment program. Read Paris Hilton Documentation

This time Angelo has written to actress Lindsay Lohan, who has been plagued with various drug and alcohol related problems. “There is no doubt in my mind you would benefit tremendously from a faith-based treatment program,” Angelo remarked in his letter dated July 18, 2007 to Lohan six days ‘before’ her latest arrest for DUI and cocaine possession. He offered to assist Lohan to find Christian alternatives. Read Lohan Letter

“The secular treatment programs Miss Lohan recently participated in obviously did not work.” Angelo stated, “Nothing has changed her addictive behavior.”

“Lindsay Lohan’s out of control lifestyle is only the tip of the iceberg,” Angelo continues, “I feel Miss Lohan would benefit by enrolling into a yearlong faith-based program that allows God to get to the root of her real issues.”

a) I did not realize that sending a letter qualified as “approaching;” b) I do not understand what they mean by putting “before” in quotes; c) why do they waste their time sending out e-mails like this on a semi-daily basis?

But as for the offer, maybe Lohan should take him up on it. Finding God is this summer’s hottest thing. Just ask Paris and Britney.

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