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A list of the best religion blogs

by Brad A. Greenberg

March 3, 2010 | 6:47 am

Last summer I was invited to participate in the Social Science Research Council’s survey on the religion blogosphere. The council’s report was recently published, and it includes a few quotes from the creator of The God Blog. (That’s me.) That I expected. But the report also includes an acknowledgment I didn’t expect: that this blog is considered among about 100 of the most influential religion blogs:

As a feature on the website of the Los Angeles-based Jewish Journal, Brad A. Greenberg maintains spirited commentary on the religion headlines, often bringing little-known perspectives to bear. Greenberg is a Christian working for a Jewish site, but his coverage—which began in March of 2007—is hardly sectarian. He has a particularly good eye for how religion plays out in American popular culture.

I’m not sure what that’s worth. I’m not even sure there are 100 religion bloggers these days. But I appreciate the recognition regardless.

The God Blog can put this on the mantle next to being recognized by the Times of London as one of the top 30 religion blogs and by the Los Angeles Press Club as 2007’s blog of the year.

Check out the rest of the blogs that made the council’s list here. You’ll see GetReligion, which I also write for, and a lot of the blogs I regularly link to here.

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