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A hat would do, but for Jews who want to look uncool, there is the ‘yarmulkap’

by Brad A. Greenberg

June 23, 2010 | 4:22 pm

It’s supposed to be a cross between a yarmulke and a visor, but the result is one of the dumber inventions I’ve ever seen. That it’s getting play in the New York Daily News is all the more baffling:

A Manhattan man has invented what he calls the “yamulkap,” a yarmulke with a brim like a baseball cap so religious men can get some shade.

Seth Mosler, 59, who is Jewish but not strictly observant, was walking through Central Park two summers ago when inspiration struck near the Great Lawn’s ballfields.

He saw Orthodox kids throwing frisbees and tossing softballs, all wearing yarmulkes that offered no shade from the sun.

But see there was already an invention that would have been even more effective but without the lame look—take a glimpse at that photo; there is no denying it. It’s called a baseball cap. That’s right: any head covering suffices for the pious.

So why the goofy invention?


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