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Cheap Cheap!

by Rebecca Weiner

March 18, 2014 | 2:53 pm

Cheap Cheap! That's the noise that this thrifty bird makes!

It's been years now that I have been meaning to start a blog. I know that there are so many out there already, but I feel like I do have a voice and a point of view worth sharing. I've always loved clothes my whole life-- my second word spoken, after my dog's name "Casey", was "shoe" (I had my priorities straight, even as a baby). Fashion blogs have been around for a while, but I never really found them to be relatable. Like Vogue Magazine, a lot of these blogs showcase amazing fashion that is beautiful to look at, but too expensive and impractical to actually wear. Basically, blogs used to feel too disconnected from real life and real women (aka, ME).  

In recent years, however, there has been a huge surge in fashion blogs that focus on REAL women with realistic budgets ($1500 jeans? uhh... no. $500 jeans? nope. $200 jeans? still.... no. $30 jeans? okay, I can work with that.) At the same time, we are seeing a wider range of sizes being represented. People are realizing that fashion can look great on size 2 frames, size 6 frames, and size 12 plus. It has been really transformative for me to see women praising their bodies and putting themselves out there for the world to see. Women like Tanisha Aswathi (from Girl With Curves) and Honor Elizabeth (from HonorCurves) are saying that it doesn't matter if others don't accept their bodies-- THEY accept them, THEY believe they're beautiful with "all their curves and all their edges" (as John Legend would say), and THEY know that fashion is about personal taste, not about outside notions about what certain sizes "should" wear. 

That brings us to me- a girl who both lives for a good deal and is borderline "fiercely real" (as Tyra Banks would call us- though to be fair, all women, if made of flesh and blood, are real). I want to continue with the amazing work that other women have started. Style goes beyond size AND price.  I can look great and be confident in my $30 (actually $18- I got them on sale) jeans that show my thick and actually quite strong thighs. I can choose to splurge and get $150 sunglasses that I will everyday for a year (cost to wear- 40 cents a day!). I can choose to wear a vintage high waisted skirt ($10) that shows off my ample hips. 

Fashion is a choice and I choose to enjoy it confidently and (for the most part) cheaply. 

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