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60 bloggers for Israel

By Danielle Berrin

April 29, 2008 | 4:05 pm


60 bloggers, 60 days, 60 different spins on Israel.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the new site 60 bloggers for Israel, a blog devoted to thoughts on Israel that features a... read on

  • My two cents on “Sarah Marshall”

    By Dikla Kadosh

    April 23, 2008 | 3:27 pm

    The hype has been so frenzied and the reviews so forthcoming on Jason Segel’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” that it would be impossible for me to add anything of significance to the discourse at this point.

    Emma Forrest did a stupendous job of profiling the latest Judd Apatow protege,... read on

  • Wined to perfection

    By Dikla Kadosh

    April 21, 2008 | 5:24 pm

    From Celia Soudry, honorary Calendar Girl:

    At one of the most luxurious and largest athletic facilities in Los Angeles, JDaters and wine lovers alike strolled around the Sports Club Oliver Cafe to mingle with singles and taste more than 20 kosher wines. Wally’s Wines & Spirits and... read on

  • Passover penis, the matzah challenge and 20 things to do with matzah

    By Dikla Kadosh

    April 18, 2008 | 3:10 pm

    Here’s some of our favorite Passover multimedia fare to get you revved up for the wine-heavy breadless holiday. Enjoy!

    Is a rising penis kosher for Passover?

    VideoJew Jay Firestone’s hilarious matzah taste-testing:

    Michelle Citrin and William Levin came up with super cool ways to dispose of leftover matzah:


  • David the enchanter

    By Dikla Kadosh

    April 16, 2008 | 4:02 pm

    David Minkin is the rock star of magic.

    I was told that is the epithet given to him by his fellow magicians at the prestigious Magic Castle club in Hollywood. And having just been to his “Evening of Enchantment” at Malibu’s Beau Rivage restaurant, I can say that the title is fitting.... read on

  • “King Davids” win some, lose most

    By Dikla Kadosh

    April 14, 2008 | 4:40 pm

    A frequent contributor to our blog, Celia Soudry, attended the “King Davids of Comedy” show last week and had this to report:

    Shuffling through the crowd at the Hollywood Improv on Thursday night, April 10, excited comedy-club goers eagerly fought for good seats in the packed room... read on

  • Israel’s aftertaste

    By Dikla Kadosh

    April 8, 2008 | 2:27 pm

    I am plagued by a certain mental malaise every time I return from a trip to Israel.

    I feel run-down, depleted, out of sorts.

    It’s not the usual back-from-vacation-I-wish-I-wasn’t-at-work sluggishness. It’s different. It’s deeper and harder to shake off.

    Israel leaves an aftertaste... read on

  • Will Israel survive until 100?

    By Danielle Berrin

    April 3, 2008 | 9:50 am

    While the Jewish people are pepping their spirits in celebration of Israel’s 60th birthday, the hype has begun to overshadow serious talk about the perils facing the Jewish state. ‘Not now,’ we think; after all the struggles, pause to celebrate is a tremendous relief.

    The... read on




Written by Danielle Berrin and Dikla Kadosh

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