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Guess I Can’t Live in “Palestine”

by Orit Arfa

July 30, 2013 | 12:00 pm

Inside sources tell me that, this time, the "peace process" is a done deal. Bibi King of Israel has already decided to surrender Judea & Samaria (the West Bank); it’s just a matter of working out the terms. We don’t know who or what bought the Prime Minister, the same way someone or something bought Sharon and Olmert, but now King Bibi is deciding the fate of Jews that he (and others) believe that the State of Israel owns.

As for the settlements, my inside sources say this time the Israeli government won’t uproot settlements. They’ll simply remove the IDF and let the de-humanized “settlers” fend for themselves. Since most residents here won’t want to have to defend themselves from Arab pogroms, they’ll probably just take compensation money and leave.

While I live on a large settlement bloc, Ariel, which no Prime Minister has ever agreed to surrender (see Olmert’s hand-drawn “map” of the borders he had proposed), I would want to stay in "Palestine" in the event of an IDF withdrawal. Should a Jewish government go through with a Jewish ethnic cleansing, or leave Jews for slaughter, I would not want to be part of such a Jewish state, so I might as well live under “Palestine.” Perhaps I'd move to Shiloh, about 15 minutes away. I like it here. I prefer olive tree orchards over the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv.

However, it seems I won’t be allowed to. In a brilliant move, Abbas has announced that no Israeli could live in “Palestine.”  This way, he can’t be accused of running an apartheid state (assuming he doesn't get overthrown) because there would be no Jews to discriminate against! Obviously, true peace and justice could only ever be had if Jews could live as a protected minority in Palestine, as Arabs do in Israel. Abbas has revealed his Nazi-like motives.  And Jews are preparing to move to Israel the Giant Ghetto.

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