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Other Jews in the Sports Blog Biz

by Jeremy Fine

January 16, 2011 | 12:43 pm

I thought I would take a moment to promote some other Jews out there writing sports blogs. All very different but its nice seeing them out there. So happy reading and feel free to add some more.

The King of Sports Blog - http://thekingofsportsblog.com/ - Yes Brad is only 14, but he has a great site. It covers some good stories and like TGR does a bunch of interviews. He also has over 4,000 followers on Twitter.

JewsInBaseball.blogspot.com - I mention Josh’s site on TGR all the time. After baseball season he doesn’t post too often unless there is a trade or signing. But during the season his blog is a must read for Jewish baseball fans. He also does some great analysis from time to time.

How ‘Bout Them Sports - howaboutthemsports.wordpress.com/ - Ravid Tilles is a Rabbinical student at JTS (with me). Besides being a great guy, he started a site for the Not-so-up-to-date sports fans. If you aren’t a sports “nut” check it out, you will get some good water cooler talk.

Dandy Koufax - www.dandykoufax.com/ - Jewish sports blog that covers a wide variety of topics. They cover Soccer and Canada a little better than TGR.

Sports Clown - thesportsclown.com/ - They don’t cover Jewish sports but the Sports Clown is a fan of TGR. It  can post some dirty topics/videos, but if that’s your thing then check it out.

Rabbi In Training -rabbiintraining.com/ - Jason, the Rabbi who is in training, covers some sports and some Judaism. Great guy. Nice site.

Kaplan’s Korner - njjewishnews.com/kaplanskorner/ - Ron writes for the New Jersey Jewish News. His site is the most like TGR but we have our own styles. I suggest checking it out for more Jewish sports reading. He covers more sports writers and has a NY bias (like TGR’s Chicago bias).

And Let Us Say…Amen.

-Jeremy Fine

For more checkout www.TheGreatRabbino.com

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