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Leagues For Us Former Jewish “Athletes”

by Jeremy Fine

December 29, 2010 | 8:20 am

Often I get asked about Non-Professional sports. For guys or girls just like you and me. People wants leagues that are competitive (and fun). Pride on the line every game. Leagues that have that serious feel so we can relive their high school glory days or create new ones. So I searched the country for all sorts of Jewish leagues. If one of these leagues are in a city near you I suggest you join. This list is not in order and people should feel free to add to it.

1) Chicagoland Jewish Flag Football League (Chicago) - In the spirit of Yeshiva flag football in Israel, this league formed in Chicago. Real jersey. People play in the snow. And they play hard in the snow. Lots of pride on the line for the males in their mid-20s and up. Not too many former high school stars but plenty of quick athletes (and one former Highland Park High School quarterback). For more information contact Mark at Mark@CJFFL.com.

2) Ramah Basketball Association (New York) - This league has no website or anything. Stats and standings are sent out weekly. I am currently in this league (big shout out to Phil Zaks and all the Hulkamaniacs). This league was formed by Camp Ramah in the Berkshires Alumni and only recently opened up to Ramah Alumni from all other camps. The league takes place Sunday nights at Chealsea Piers. Lots of fun. Competitive. If you are interested email me and I will give you more info. Oh and by the way we are 4-2 (one of those losses was a forfeit).

3) Coed Jewish Softball (Boston) - This league seems to be the most important of all the leagues of Coed Jewish Sports in Boston.  They have plenty of sports, but the softball league comes with a laundry list of rules, meaning its pretty serious. It even plays into October, impressive for Eats Coast Softball. For more info email info123@coedjewishsports.org.

4) Orthodox Bungalow Baseball League (New York) - This league has been around for a long time. While the website still has 2007 info, the league seems to still be very much in existence. The league is aimed towards Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Jews love their baseball.  The league seems huge with 6 divisions with 6 teams each. Games take place (seemingly) all over. For more info email admin@obbl.com.


5) Yeshiva Alumni Basketball League (Chicago) - I have never played in this league but a good amount of my friends do. The league is highly competitive, with plenty of former high school players from all over Chicago (many from Ida Crown and the Yeshiva).The courts are not the best, but the Monday night atmosphere is awesome. Personally, I am rooting for First Class Moving to win the whole thing. The league is open to all Jews, not just Yeshiva alumni. For more info email commissioner@yeshivaabl.com.


6) Stroum Jewish Community Center (Seattle) - The Seattle JCC Basketball league made the list because there are a bunch of levels. Its a nice JCC (having played Maccabi BBall there). If you are in Seattle check it out. Email Jessica at Jessica@sjcc.org for more info.


7) Washington DCJCC Softball League (DC) - This league was under scrutiny a few years back. But they made the necessary adjustments. Apparently it has gotten much better. If you are in DC this summer and play in it let me know if it lives up to the hype. Click HERE to read about the situation. For more email  Mark at markgm@washingtondcjcc.org.


8) Jewish Basketball Association (Monsey NY) - This basketball league seems great. But the catch is that it is Monsey and mentions being Shomer Shabbos on the homepage. So…yeah, its geared toward specific Jews. Don’t get me wrong I would love to play in it, if I lived in Monsey. But if you do, check it out.


9) Jewish Educa-tional Movement Basketball League (Beverly Hills) - Suprisingly I could not find too many leagues in Los Angeles. For the weather and love of basketball I thought I would find more. But this league makes headlines. Both for its competition, its unique features, and the money it raises - Read this Article. Californians wanting a Jewish basketball fix I suggest this league.


10) Jewish Bowling League (Philadelphia) -  Finally, the best Jewish bowling league. For those who can’t run to first or dribble a ball (or just love Lebowski) Philly offers what seemed to be the best Jewish bowling league. Boston had one as well, but Philly’s seemed more competitive. Bowling fans check it out and let me know how it is.


Other Leagues: Denver Jewish Softball League, Rockland Jewish Softball League, South Florida Menorah Jewish Softball League, JCC Charlotte Basketball League, JCC Pittsburgh Basketball League, Big Shot Basketball Teaneck.


Again feel free to add more by commenting on this post.

And Let Us Say…Amen.

-Jeremy Fine
For more info visit www.TheGreatRabbino.com

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