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Braun In. Marquis Out. And Plenty of Non-All Star All Stars.

by Jeremy Fine

July 3, 2011 | 7:10 pm

Before I go on my rant let me first congratulate Ryan Braun on being named a NL All Star starter. Well deserved. Braun is hitting .320 with 16 HRs and has just been awesome.

The only other real shot the Jews had was Jason Marquis since every team needs a representative and he has been a solid pitcher all season with a 7-3 record and posting a respectable 4.11 ERA. Craig Breslow had an outside chance and Ike Davis, was solid until he got injured.

My rant begins now and has nothing to do with the Jewish players. Braun was really the only legit Jewish All Star. But I am furious that Paul Konerko got left off the AL team. I am mad at a combination of America for voting for the likes of Derek Jeter and Josh Hamilton who are less than All Stars instead of guys like Paul Konerko and even Victor Martinez. Also, my anger is aimed towards Ron Washington for taking Michael Young and Russell Martin over guys who are potentially MVPs. Paulie’s line .317 BA, 21 HRs, 62 RBIs, and 39 Rs. Those numbers would be solid in September let alone July. Not to mention Phul Humber who has 8 Ws, 2.69 ERA, and a .98 WHIP. Crazy good. As a White Sox fan, as a baseball fan, and as a person with a sense of logic I am annoyed by baseball fans everywhere. I do not what to watch a Yankees/Rangers/Red Sox vs NL All Star game. I want to watch the best players in baseball. Its the only All Star game in sports that actually matters. Something needs to be done or its going to get out of control. They might as well put Don Mattingly on the ballet (he might do better than Jeter).

So America get it right. Vote for the potential AL MVP. Vote Paul Konerko. Vote PaulStar. 

And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine
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