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Baseball Stadium Rankings

by Jeremy Fine

September 1, 2011 | 6:15 pm

Recently, my wife and I got tickets to a game at Citi Field (thank you Marci). It marked the last stadium to visit on the East Coast (well…how I define East Coast…Braves and Tampa are in the South). Below is my rankings of all the stadiums I have been to and how it was as a Jewish experience.


Favorite Stadiums

1) Comiskey Park (I had to) - White Sox
2) US Cellular (I had to again) - White Sox
3) Fenway Park - Red Sox
4) Miller Stadium - Brewers
5) PNC Park - Pirates
6) Coors Field - Rockies
7) Citi Field - Mets
8) Citizen’s Bank Ballpark - Phillies
9) Yankee Stadium (old) - Yankees
10) Yankee Stadium (new) - Yankees
11) Wrigley Field (Yes, that’s right)- Cubs
12) Progressive Field - Indians
13) Rogers Stadium - Blue Jays
14) Camden Yards - Orioles
15) Kingdom - Mariners
16) Nationals Park - Nationals
17) Marlins Stadium - Marlins
18) Shea Stadium - Mets
19) County Stadium - Brewers


Jewish Stadiums

1) Yankee Stadium (old) - Just felt Jewish.
2) Shea Stadium - See above.
3) Camden Yards - Kosher food and minyan.
4) Fenway Park - Kosher vending machines
5) Progressive Field - Kosher dogs in less then kosher city.
6) Citi Field - Kosher stand and Ike Davis bobbleheads.
7) Yankee Stadium (new) - Kosher food all around.
8) Citizen’s Bank Ballpark - Jewish heritage day and kosher food.
9) Rogers Stadium - Few fans to buy their kosher dogs.
10) Nationals Park - Kosher food for a kid friendly park.
11) Marlins Stadium -Kosher food not always open.
12) Coors Field - Hebrew National dogs (not supervised)
13) Miller Stadium - They really celebrate Ryan Braun there.
14) US Cellular  - Used to have Best Kosher dogs
15) Wrigley Field - Has featured Hebrew National
16) Kingdom -I was there with the Maccabi games, kind of unfair.
17) Comiskey Park - Old time Jews.
18) PNC Park - Not too much going on.
19) County Stadium -Don’t remember, but shout out to Peckerman.

And Let Us Say…Amen.
- Jeremy Fine
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