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What is time anyway?

by Samira Asemanfar

November 11, 2011 | 8:12 am

One of the first responses I get when I tell people that I am now blogging for JewishJournal.com is “how do you have so much time?” I always just giggle instead of providing an answer. One reason that I may have more time is because I am strong believer in moving forward to the next step… even if the next step is a misstep. As a result, I make decisions fast and all day long. I think that a majority of people think through things a lot longer, taking up more time. I’m sure there are a variety of other variables of why it seems like I may have more time, but this morning I read in a newsletter…

“People who achieve amazing things have the same amount of time as people who don’t.”

Wow. I read that a few times. It’s beautiful.
Maybe there is no methodology for how I accomplish so much in a short time period.
Maybe it is just a mindset.

The newsletter continued to explain that there’s no difference between me, you, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Donald Trump, Howard Schultz, or Richard Branson. We all have the same amount of time; we need to stop thinking that we don’t have enough time. So I invite you to ask yourself this weekend: how can you shift your perspective to realize you really do have an ample amount of time to accomplish and experience anything you desire. Why make time an excuse? Come face to face with your reason and tell it to go away.

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