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The Exposure and The Card It’s Like Love and Marriage

by Elaine Sandberg

July 27, 2010 | 1:36 pm

They go together— you can’t have one without the other.  At least you can’t make an Exposure unless you know the card and you can’t know what information the Exposure reveals unless you know the card.  So it sounds like the card, or more specifically, the hands on the card,  is the key to unlock the “unknown” hand a player is pursuing. This is the information a player wants and needs to be able to play a successful game—whether the goal is to win or to keep the others from winning.

I have discovered that every card has it’s unique characteristics and if you can determine what they are, you have a heads-up to “read” the Exposures others make.  What are these characteristics?

One of the first (on the 2010 card) is there are no Pungs of Flowers.  Only Kongs can be exposed.  So discarding Flowers early in the game is a good idea to keep someone from collecting a Kong of Flowers. 

The odd Section has no hands that require Dragons.  So if someone exposes Dragons, you know for sure the hand is not odd.  Whether the Exposure is a Pung or a Kong makes a difference.  There are only four hands that call for a Pung of Dragons and four hands that call for a Kong. 

There are only two exposed hands that require a Pung of nines, the 2nd. Like Numbers hand and the 4th. odd Section hand.  The 5th Winds/Dragons hand and the last 369 hand are Concealed.

If someone exposes a Pung of East, declare that player’s hand Dead.  The last 2010 hand (and only hand) is Concealed.

You might think an Exposure of a Pung of eights would lead you to look in the 2468 Section for the hand. Wrong!  There is no hand in the even Section that requires a Pung of eights.

So finding and identifying these anomalies can help you to more quickly and accurately discover the hand an opponent is playing and more quickly and accurately lead you to make adjustments to your play.

But there are other clues you can pick up from the Exposures that help in discovering the hand being played.

When only one Exposure has been made it’s not always easy to determine the hand being pursued.  But when two Exposures are made, the player has probably given away the critical information about the hand.  At least the choice can be whittled down. 

Whether the numbers on the tiles are odd , even or odd and even puts the hand in the Section they belong to and it’s easier to find the specific hand.

Whether the Exposures are one Suit or two.

Whether the Exposure is of Flowers, Dragons and /or Winds.

Whether the Exposure is a Pung or a Kong.

The Exposures and the card “tell all” so be wise enough to listen.





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