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  • LimmudLA Experience Far Exceeds Expectations

    by Yoni Arbel

    March 4, 2009 | 12:43 pm

    Put 700 Jews of all ages, ethnicities and all ends of the religious and political spectrum in a hotel for four days of classes, concerts and celebration and you have the annual LimmudLA conference.

    Initially, the only reason I wanted to go to LimmudLA was to meet Chasidic reggae...

  • Time to come down from ‘The Hills’

    By Jeremy Lowe, Tribe Contributor

    January 5, 2009 | 8:09 pm

    We live in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world and the city where everybody can feel like a celebrity. Everyone loves the glitz, luxury and the lifestyle of the city. It seems so effortless.

    "The Hills," MTV's top-rated reality show, makes the spotlight seem so...

  • Necessary tactics in ‘War on Terror’

    By Phil Cooper, Tribe Contributor

    January 5, 2009 | 7:13 pm

    I recently heard novelist Vince Flynn, author of spy thrillers, speak at YULA High School, discussing such issues as the war on terror. During his speech, he gave everyone an interesting point to consider.

    He asked: While watching "24" or reading his books, when Jack Bauer or Mitch...

  • Thanks, Cal State —thanks a lot

    By Laura Donney, Tribe Contributor

    December 3, 2008 | 10:51 pm

    I am not applying to a Cal State University (CSU) system school. Let's just get that minor detail out of the way. I have never intended or wished to go to one. In fact, I've aggressively dismissed the notion, and yet I find myself saddened and concerned for my peers and Californian...
  • Looking upon the flag

    By Sammy Schatz, Tribe Contributor

    November 7, 2008 | 4:56 pm

    Sammy Schatz delivered this speech Sept. 28, when the Israeli flag was raised for the first time in front of the Israeli Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard.

    "Ure'item oto uzechartem."

    "Looking upon it, you will be reminded."

    When I traveled to Poland last year with the Poland-Israel...

  • Ashtrays and Diet Coke

    By Anjoum Fried Agrama, Tribe Contributor

    November 7, 2008 | 4:53 pm

    You did it even though we told you not to. That you would hurt too many people just to make yourself happy. We would miss you. And causing other people pain wasn't good. That you had to be patient. The medicine would eventually work. But you finally gave up paddling through life and...
  • An unexpected family in Netanya

    By Lauren Weintraub, Tribe Contributor

    October 10, 2008 | 3:33 pm

    During the summer before my senior year in high school, I wanted to get involved in a meaningful program that would change my life and the lives of others. After researching my options, I decided to volunteer at Bet Elazraki, an extraordinary foster home for children in Netanya,...

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