Jewish Journal

Matisyahu Highlights

by Dikla Kadosh

February 16, 2011 | 11:48 pm

Matisyahu wore a faded camp staff t-shirt on stage and bantered with the spunky audience in a charming performance at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Tuesday night. An immensely talented performer and a witty, self-effacing Orthodox Jew, Matisyahu drew a wildly diverse crowd to the acoustic show, sponsored by the Chabad of the Conejo. Here’s a recap of the night’s most memorable moments:

1) Matisyahu sipping beer between songs, and running off stage midway through the concert to “take care of something”

2) Matisyahu giving guest performer and collaborator Trevor Hall a very endearing kiss on the cheek

3) Three giggly girls sneaking into our row close to the stage, and squeezing into two seats

4) During the Q-and-A session, Matisyahu admitting that he’s never heard a Justin Bieber song

5) One of those giggly girls standing up and shouting, “Mr. Matisyahu, I converted to Judaism because of you.” Matisyahu’s hesitant response: “Uh, I hope that goes well for you.”

6) The same pertinacious girl getting Matisyahu to invite her up on stage with him, then sitting perched on the stool next to him, looking flushed and about to faint

7) Matisyahu’s beatboxing…every time

8) A blonde girl with ample cleavage sitting next to an Orthodox man with a long beard, black suit and a gaggle of young children scampering up and down the aisle

9) Matisyahu, answering a question, saying that he doesn’t own a television, or have a “prescription” to any newspaper. And don’t think that the crowd didn’t pick up on the blunder…I overheard some snickering.

10) Matisyahu poking fun at concert emcee and Orthodox comedian Mendy Pellin: discretely placing a dirty sock on his shoulder, smelling Mendy’s microphone and making a face, reading the comedian’s stage notes out loud, then shaking his head “not very interesting stuff Mendy”

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