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A Braille Revolution

by Dikla Kadosh

June 29, 2011 | 6:10 pm

Joshua Goldenberg reading the Braille labels he helped put up at his local Whole Foods store. Photo by Matt Cramer

In the June-July issue of TRIBE, I wrote about Josh Goldenberg, a charming 7-year-old boy who was blind since birth, and the campaign he has sparked to label grocery store shelves with Braille so that blind people can shop independently. It struck me that it took a 7-year-old to point out a glaring lack of resources for the blind community, and to do something to rectify the situation. Josh is a poignant example of how one small person—and I mean that literally—can make a difference in the world.

Josh’s efforts started small—all he (and his incredibly supportive and assertive parents) wanted was to be able to read what was on the shelves of his local Trader Joe’s. When that initiative was thwarted, the Goldenbergs turned to the neighborhood Whole Foods, where The Joshua Project was launched with great enthusiasm by store management. Josh was featured on the news, as well as in TRIBE magazine, and undoubtedly, he has touched many hearts. To read the TRIBE article, click The Joshua Project.

Recently, I received an update from Josh’s parents and wanted to share it with the community:


Evan & I were contacted by Whole Foods last week to let us know that the National Braille Press had contacted them asking how to get in touch with us. When Evan called them they informed us that our family will be the recipients of their prestigious Hands On Award at their annual gala in October in Boston Mass!  Past recipients of this award include former first lady Laura Bush & J.K. Rowling!  We are so humbled and honored and are even more committed to starting a non profit corporation as soon as we find the funding.  We have big plans to put braille into grocery stores throughout the United States as well as encouraging and supporting public libraries to have more braille books.  Within the next couple of months we hope to have a website set up to keep everyone updated.  Thank you to everyone for your love and support!

Evan, Christie, Hannah and Josh Goldenberg

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